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When your child reaches the teenage years and is entering High School, it is expected that he/she has already built the foundation of knowledge from the basic subjects and is ready to move on to higher learning. In fact, High School is the stepping stone to your teen’s career of choice in college.

Let’s take a look at how High School tutors Sydney-based tutoring center Step Ahead Coaching can help your teen during this stage of their education.

HIGH SCHOOL TUTORS SYDNEY – How Step Ahead Coaching can Help YOUR Transition to College

1) Reviews and strengthens the knowledge foundation from Primary School

If your teen has not fully mastered key basic subjects in Primary School, he/she can have difficulties with the higher levels in High School. This is especially true for Maths and English.

At Step Ahead Coaching, we shall assess the weaknesses in your teen’s knowledge foundation and come up with a study plan to correct them. In the course of tutoring them in their High School subjects, our tutors can also review past theories, rules, and concepts that are related to the topic at hand.

2) Helps in building and reinforcing good study habits

High school is critical for developing good study habits in your teen. Since they are required to study more difficult subjects, it becomes harder for them to juggle the demands of each subject. They are unable to focus and concentrate because there are too many topics to learn and homework to do. As a result, they become stressed and/or frustrated, and may even find themselves getting bad marks.

The tutors in our High School Tutors Sydney-based company are trained in various study techniques. A good example is the time management method, called the Pomodoro technique, which allows your teen to take on a specific task for 25 minutes, followed by a short break, before moving on to the next task. Our tutors can also teach your teen techniques that will enable them to reach the flow state and stress management methods.

3) Helps in the maintenance of skills learned

Because your teen is required to learn so many things in High School, there is a strong chance that they will forget past lessons and skills in order for their mind to make room for new knowledge being learned.

Our tutors will periodically conduct reviews of these past lessons and ensure that they are not forgotten. Through constant repetition, any past lessons and skills learned will be maintained. This is especially important when the time comes to review for the HSC trials and exams.

4) Specialised and individualised attention

Because there are so many subject matters to cover in High School, your teen may find it difficult not only to keep up in class, but also to seek assistance from their teacher in school.

Step Ahead Coaching’s tutoring sessions are kept in small groups. This makes it easier for our tutors to immediately address whatever problems your teen has in their academics. In addition, our tutor will not proceed to the next topic until your teen has fully mastered the subject matter at hand.

Put your trust in a High School Tutors Sydney-based company that guarantees the best academic results for your teen. Book an assessment with Step Ahead Coaching today!

Student Testimonials

Luka RazlogStudent
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Awesome tutors who make the class engaging and fun. They have definitely helped me prepare for all my maths and english assessments, would highly recommend.
Natalie RacoStudent
Read More
All teachers have been extremely thoughtful and considerate during the transition to online learning making it much easier to continue on with work and not fall behind.
Matthew DeOliveiraStudent
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My experience at Step Ahead coaching can cleanly be summarised as a positive one. The teaching staff is highly engaging and well equipped with different levels of explanation for each topic covered. I would highly recommend their teaching services to anyone looking to gain assistance in any area of school learning with classes covering Mathematics and English all the way through to Chemistry and Physics, all of which I actually attended myself. Definitely turned my marks around and helped increase my dedication to my studies.
Matthew GačićStudent
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At Step Ahead, I found the culture that was exemplified there did indeed match their name. With emphasis on dedication and consistency, continual occurrence of workshops; and combination of excellent tutoring methods and resources, I ultimately found that my approach towards studying effectively benefited in a holistic manner. Would recommend to anyone that is in need of effective support for their studies
Ayse AtalayStudent
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Step Ahead provides education of exceptional quality and is heavily focused on student development. The extra workshop classes, in conjunction with the weekly sessions, definitely enhanced my overall academic performance. The tutors are highly motivating and work wholeheartedly to encourage students in reaching their full potential. The small class structure allows for individualised feedback, as well as maintaining an uplifting and motivating atmosphere. Would definitely recommend!
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Step Ahead is by far the best tutoring center in Sydney. They have the best staff who assist you in a variety of subjects. I have gone to Step Ahead ever since I was in year 2 and now I am in my first year in university, doing something I have always wanted, but thought it was too difficult to achieve. Coming to Step Ahead allows you to make out of school connections, with different types of students and create new friendships. Thank you Step Ahead. Without your enduring support, I wouldn't have gotten this far!
affan bachmidStudent
Read More
Helped me out from year 10 all the way till year 12 in regards to English and maths, honestly wouldn’t have gotten the mark that I’ve gotten if it wasn’t for the tutors provided. Great tutors and even better people overall! Thank you Step Ahead. Without your enduring support, I wouldn't have gotten this far!
nicholas yakoStudent
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Step Ahead Coaching were a major factor in my success during my HSC period. The teachers are very helpful and encouraging of all students, the atmosphere is inviting for all students to engage in the content and with each other to assist and teach. I would highly recommend Step Ahead Coaching to students going through their own HSC as it will provide an extra resource in order to gain the best results possible. Thank you Step Ahead. Without your enduring support, I wouldn't have gotten this far!

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